The needs that inspired our founding in 1950 are far greater today. There is unprecedented consolidation of media: Only 5 corporations now control more than 90 percent of Americans’ news and information. And few music stations are locally programmed.

We still believe local matters. And we are growing to meet the needs of our community.

Because we live here, too.

Campaign Committee

Bill and Barbara Juckett, Co-Chairs (pictured at left)

Summer Auerbach and S. Brandon Coan, Co-Chairs (pictured at right)

Tyler Allen

Charlie Farnsley

Todd Lowe

Ron Murphy

Ben Ruiz

Lee Smith

Peter Wayne

1st Floor

Our lobby is valuable real estate that houses unnecessary and outdated equipment. We will redesign the space to be a welcoming area for guests waiting for WFPK’s Live Lunch, a media class arriving for a tour or anyone else who’s coming to visit.

Our Performance Studio is the heart of our building. Hundreds of people enjoy the space every week, but it wasn’t built with current needs in mind. New technology will enable us to better capture the performances to share online with our global audience.

With space that is more functional, we will be able to increase the public events we host and the number of guests we welcome to Louisville Public Media.

View the floorplans.


While our digital audience is vitally important to our growth and success, we won’t ever turn our attention from all of you who listen to us on the radio. But we have to modernize all the equipment in our recording and broadcasting studios on Fourth Street. Given the rapid pace of technology, it is easy to imagine how outdated our 17-year-old equipment has become. We need new soundboards, microphones and decks to ensure our broadcasts come through clearly and reliably.

To continue radio broadcasting, our 20-year old transmitters for all three stations needed to be replaced.

Classical Education Outreach

We are investing in the future of classical music in Louisville by expanding programs that provide opportunities for area youth to engage, such as the Young Artist Competition, our Instrumental Partners program and the city’s first-ever Summer Listening program. Our Educational Programs Manager expands these connections between classical music and school-based curriculum, acting as a liaison between educators and Classical 90.5.

WFPK Video

Local music programming has all but disappeared from the dial, which is why at WFPK, we’re continuing to grow and branch out from our local, independent roots. We recently created CitySong, a regular video feature that captures an artist performing just for us in a place that inspires him or her. We’ve continued to expand our video presence online in an effort to provide you with high-quality productions of music that’s happening here — in our community, in our city.

Performance Studio


The Performance Studio is the heart and soul of our building and a hub of activity. We welcome people into the space each week for our weekly WFPK Live Lunch, numerous Members Only shows, Classical 90.5 performances, WFPL panel discussions, and major donor events.

Live performances reach our weekly audience of over 200,000 listeners. The Performance Studio will be upgraded with integrated lights and cameras, allowing us to better capture the amazing performances in the space and broadcast to our global audience online.

Music Library


We currently have a music library filled with walls of CDs for our two music stations. Technology has made major leaps in the last 20 years, and we would like maintain the feel of our music library while expanding its usability and flexibility. It will be a space for quick meetings, for musicians to prepare before a performance, and for major donor meet-and-greets with our special guests.

WFPL Newsroom

$350,000 Reserved

The second floor of our building at 619 S. 4th Street will be reimagined as a modern digital newsroom where reporters and editors write and produce stories for radio and web. It will also be evidence of the vitality of this organization and symbolize our commitment to multi-platform journalism.

Programming initiatives

Arts and Culture Reporting: $250,000
Significant support from a sponsor for arts and culture reporting would help ensure our expanded coverage of the arts — one of the crown jewels of our community — continues. This content is heard across all three stations and serves as a vital source of information for our listeners.

Classical Music Programming: $250,000
Significant support from a sponsor for classical music programming would ensure the health and sustainability of the only 24/7 classical station in our region. As a new generation of listeners discovers the joy of classical music, Classical 90.5 enjoys a growing audience, online and on-air.

91.9 WFPK Music Programming: $250,000
As the audience for our music discovery station continues to increase, we recognize that they are tuning into 91.9 WFPK for more than music. Our listeners are looking for a way to not only find their next favorite song, but also connect with their community.