Facility Renovations

619 S. 4th Street serves as the home of Louisville Public Media. Every week, hundreds of people come through our front doors. It is a wonderful space, but it needs to be completely remodeled to better meet our needs — and yours. After all, it’s been 20 years since we did this the last time. A lot has changed.


As digital listening and news consumption continue to grow, we need to ensure we have an established delivery system to start and foster an expanded and enhanced digital operation. Better websites and new mobile apps? You asked and we’ve delivered.

2nd Floor

The new, modern Barry Bingham, Jr. Newsroom will be evidence of the vitality of this organization and symbolize our organizational commitment to multi-platform news and journalism.

And a new Classical 90.5 office space will be built so that all on-air hosts and producers can work together. This renovation will bring the classical team together for the first time, giving them the space necessary to do their work.

View the floorplans.

3rd Floor

Taking advantage of an unused storage space on the 3rd floor, we will create a new home for WFPK. Finishing this area will finally give all of our on-air hosts their own personal desks and provide a great meeting space.

View the floorplans.


Updated technology will enable us to reach an increasingly diverse and mobile audience. Further enhancements will ensure that our websites are constantly up to date and able to meet the needs of the growing segment of the population who get more of their news and music at their desks and on the go. New and updated mobile apps will ensure that our audience gets our content how and where they want.

Investigative Reporting

The Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting

Investigative reporting is a necessity. The Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting uses the tools of investigative journalism to protect the public interest. Our coverage is fair and impartial, non-partisan and non-ideological, and adheres to strict standards of journalistic impartiality.

In the short time KyCIR has been in existence, we’ve won numerous national, regional and local awards; spurred new legislation; and sparked important conversations in our state capital. This is powerful local journalism that strengthens the Fourth Estate.


Expanded WFPL News Coverage

Urban Affairs: WFPL is examining important local issues such as transportation, education, local government and neighborhoods with a new intensity and focus.

Community Health: Our city and state face pressing issues of public health. Our reporter covers local and national health trends with a goal of educating and informing the public.

Arts and Culture: We connect our listeners to the arts and music, to the events happening all around them, and most importantly, to each other.

619 S. 4th Street

$2.5 million

619 S. 4th Street serves as the home of Louisville Public Media, our three public radio stations and the KY Center for Investigative Reporting. Every week, we welcome hundreds of people through our front doors. A renovated building at 619 S. 4th Street will enable us to better serve the public. With space that is more functional and multi-purpose, we increase the type and amount of public events we host and number of guests we welcome.

Add your name to the marquee and help us welcome the community into our new home.