Even More Fun Things to Name

$1,500: Desks
For $1,500, you can remind John Timmons how much you appreciate him every time he sits down to work on his show. Maybe news is more your thing? Give Susan Sweeney Crum someone to appreciate besides her husband, Denny. Laura Ellis’s desk has been RESERVED!

$1,000: Bike rack Reserved
Poor Jake Ryan has to lug his bike into the scary basement every morning. And Jake hates the basement. Buy him a bike rack and help us stay green!

$1,000: Gray Smith’s office Reserved
Everyone loves Gray. We love him because of his passion to public radio, but his clients love him because he helps them make more money. Show him your love and put your name on his office.

$500: Membership Hotline phones Reserved
Do you love talking to Kelly and Rachel every time you have a question about your membership or change of address? Put your name on their phone and they will smile every time they take a call.

S250: Coffee stations Reserved
Want to put your name where you know it will be seen multiple times every single day? Look no further. (All three are RESERVED)