What else can I put my name on?

Kitchen: $5,000 Reserved
Do you love everything about Louisville Public Media and find it virtually impossible to pick a favorite station? Do you love the hosts, reporters and staff as if they were part of your family? Naming our newly remodeled kitchen is something that everyone here will appreciate!

Microphones: $3,000
Name a mic in one of the broadcast studios. Do you love Alan Brandt? Buy him a new mic and put your name on it.

President’s Office: $3,000
Let our leader in the corner office know how much public radio means to you and support the person that keeps the trains running on time.

WFPK Offices: $2,000
If you love Kyle Meredith and Stacy Owen, remind them every time they go to work. For $2000, you can put your name on their office.