We are investing in content.

We created the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting to serve the public interest with non-partisan, non-ideological high-quality journalism. We have expanded our newsroom with reporters covering the economy and community health. We’ve added a Classical Educational Outreach Coordinator to bring the magic of classical music into local classrooms. And we’ve brought on a Video and Photojournalist to help us better report on a variety of platforms.

Investigative Reporting

The Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting

Investigative reporting is a necessity. The Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting uses the tools of investigative journalism to protect the public interest. Our coverage is fair and impartial, non-partisan and non-ideological, and adheres to strict standards of journalistic impartiality.

In the short time KyCIR has been in existence, we’ve won numerous national, regional and local awards; spurred new legislation; and sparked important conversations in our state capital. This is powerful local journalism that strengthens the Fourth Estate.


Expanded WFPL News Coverage

Urban Affairs: WFPL is examining important local issues such as transportation, education, local government and neighborhoods with a new intensity and focus.

Community Health: Our city and state face pressing issues of public health. Our reporter covers local and national health trends with a goal of educating and informing the public.

Arts and Culture: We connect our listeners to the arts and music, to the events happening all around them, and most importantly, to each other.

Classical Education Outreach

We are investing in the future of classical music in Louisville by expanding programs that provide opportunities for area youth to engage, such as the Young Artist Competition, our Instrumental Partners program and the city’s first-ever Summer Listening program. Our Educational Programs Manager expands these connections between classical music and school-based curriculum, acting as a liaison between educators and Classical 90.5.

WFPK Video

Local music programming has all but disappeared from the dial, which is why at WFPK, we’re continuing to grow and branch out from our local, independent roots. We recently created CitySong, a regular video feature that captures an artist performing just for us in a place that inspires him or her. We’ve continued to expand our video presence online in an effort to provide you with high-quality productions of music that’s happening here — in our community, in our city.