We are strengthening our online presence — both in terms of news and digital audio content — to meet our listeners and readers where they are. We have developed apps for news, music and listening in response to the new and emerging ways you’re consuming our content.

We also have to be forward-thinking in our membership department. We need a member database that integrates with our website, a community calendar to showcase both our events and those of our partners, and a Digital Editor to ensure that our content is shared with the widest audience across all platforms.


Updated technology will enable us to reach an increasingly diverse and mobile audience. Further enhancements will ensure that our websites are constantly up to date and able to meet the needs of the growing segment of the population who get more of their news and music at their desks and on the go. New and updated mobile apps will ensure that our audience gets our content how and where they want.


While our digital audience is vitally important to our growth and success, we won’t ever turn our attention from all of you who listen to us on the radio. But we have to modernize all the equipment in our recording and broadcasting studios on Fourth Street. Given the rapid pace of technology, it is easy to imagine how outdated our 17-year-old equipment has become. We need new soundboards, microphones and decks to ensure our broadcasts come through clearly and reliably.

To continue radio broadcasting, our 20-year old transmitters for all three stations needed to be replaced.